Retail Store closed but Classes, Parties, Camps Continue!


Classes, Parties and Camps will be held at San Anselmo Recreation's   Isabel Cook Community Center, 1000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

You can sign up for classes and camps through San Anselmo Recreation.  The website is              

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FYI - this is the email we sent announcing the closing of doodlebug. We miss you all and hope to see you soon - camp??????

Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I announce that doodlebug will be closing soon.
For fifteen years I have enjoyed the honor of being a part of the Marin community and have watched as new families came and other families moved on to new adventures.  We’ve been part of thousands of birthday celebrations, celebrated the births and graduations of countless children, and had fun with painters and campers and kids that just stopped in to check out the erasers.
There have been some difficulties. Starting over after a major fire on Christmas Eve of 2003 and digging out 4 ½ feet of mud after the New Year’s Eve flood in 2005 were definitely stressful experiences.  But, they did prove the power of community to provide support to those who need it.  Unfortunately, the downturn in the economy in 2008 (which, I think, fundamentally changed the behavior of us all) and the conveniences of online shopping are tougher “nuts to crack”.
Most of the employees at doodlebug have been customers since they were very small.  I’m grateful for the chance to see them follow in the paths of so 

many other employees who are now in college or beyond, designers, teachers and therapists, physician assistants, a vet, an EMT, amongst them a number of wonderful Moms. I now know many lovely adults who continue to make me proud and whom I hope to count as friends forever.
I cannot express in words my appreciation for the loyal customers who have made this 15 years possible.   I could not wish for a more interesting, talented, thoughtful group of individuals and families.  I could not have had more fun, watched more people courageously navigate highs and lows, learned more or felt so much a part of this sweet town.
I would ask your help and support one more time.  If you would be kind enough to let your friends know that we will be closing I would be most appreciative.  I want to be sure that any gift certificates out there are redeemed and that everyone gets to complete their works in progress and pick up their finished pieces before the store is closed.
Again, I’m not sure exactly when that will be, nor do I know for sure what will happen next.  I do know that I hope to find a way to continue to be engaged in building kids’ creative confidence. I truly believe we need some big creative ideas to combat the craziness in the world and I also believe many of our kids are ready to be the creative thinkers who will produce those ideas.  I would encourage you to lay in the grass and find shapes in the clouds and try to count the colors in the leaves.  I’d also encourage everyone to do what they love and to encourage your kids go on adventures every day – even if it’s only in their imaginations.
Also (a brief word from our sponsor – Everything in the store will be 20% off through the end of the year).
Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Summer Camps

doodlebug's 2016 Summer Camps will be held at San Anselmo's Isabel Cook Community Center at 1000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, San Anselmo.



Listed under Art, Music & Tech Camps

Art Adventures

Clay, mosaic, needlecrafts and painting on everything from canvas to fabric will provide fun and new learning for all our campers. We like to get messy sometimes–and we also like to try new things, share some new skills, and build more confidence in our creative muscles. This is a great experience for brand new campers and those old hands who are back for more fun. Many friendships result from a week at a doodlebug camp.

Ages 3–7 Instructor: doodlebug

M–F  6/20–6/24 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

M–F  6/27–7/1 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

Tu–F  7/5–7/8 10am–12pm $145/$135 4 days

M–F  7/11–7/15 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

M–F  7/18–7/22 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

M–F  7/25–7/29 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

M–F  8/1–8/5 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

M–F  8/8–8/12 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days

M–F  8/15–8/19 10am–12pm $179/$169 5 days


Clay Camp (Wheel and Hand–Building)

Using our hands as well as the pottery wheel, various projects introduce and reinforce particular aspects of “playing” with clay. Scoring and slipping, adding texture, pulling shapes from clay, cut–outs, and mixed media will be part of the learning process. We’ll also learn to bring our 2–dimensional ideas into a 3–dimensional form. This is a bit messy but lots of fun, and a wonderful stress reliever. The projects will be fired, and then glazed and re– fired. You’ll be amazed at how cool your artwork becomes!

Ages 7+ Instructor: doodlebug

M–F 6/20–6/24 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days

M–F 7/11–7/15 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days

M–F 7/25–7/29 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days

M–F 8/8–8/12 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days

M–F 8/15–8/19 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days


All Kinds of Art Camp

During this camp you will have the opportunity to build your familiarity with a variety of art forms and techniques; clay, fabric, painting, sculpture, mixed media, mosaics, and drawing will all be on the agenda. We will have projects we do as a group and projects you will be free to develop on your own. This will be a super week with maximum opportunities to build skills and confidence while also celebrating curiosity and the occasional «failure» which sometimes leads to the most satisfying «success»!

Ages 7+ Instructor: doodlebug

M–F 6/27–7/1 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days

M–F 8/1–8/5 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days


Sewing Camp

Learn to use a sewing machine to create clothing, bags, pillows, jewelry and other fun projects. After learning basic techniques and safety procedures, everyone will work at their own pace. This class is for both beginners and those with some experience. All materials are provided.

Ages 7+ Instructor: doodlebug

M–F 7/18–7/22 1–4pm $236/$226 5 days


Painting Camp

Sometimes you just want to paint something–so we’ll bring lots of things you can paint. Ceramics, canvas, wood, glass, fabric and other fun materials will be some of our surfaces. We’ll also try some new techniques that don’t even require a brush. You’ll learn about the different materials you can use and how to achieve the results you imagine. Warning: this can get messy!

Ages 7+ Instructor: doodlebug

Tu–F   7/5–7/8 1–4pm $192/$182 4 days

 For information and enrollment in doodlebug summer camps  

Listed under art, music & tech camps