See what our visitors say about their time at doodlebug.

A great place for a special day or to pick up a gift for a birthday party. You could spend hours poking through all of the games and puzzles and books - and there is a great selection of yarn, “buttons & bows” and other craft supplies. Just as much fun for adults as for kids!
— kidstuff on Trekaroo
Doodlebug is a warm welcoming place that focuses on building relationships with the customers, which I believe has been done ever since I came in as a little kid. I am very happy to be part of this great community.
— Bridget Ashton, Student and doodlebug employee
My first memory of doodlebug is from when I was two years old. I painted a giant coffee mug for my dad.

He uses it every single day.
— Emma Selvig, Student and doodlebug employee
My first memory of doodlebug is always coming in to paint pottery when the weather was rainy outside. I would come here with my dad and older sister. When I was little I was in love with dogs, so I really enjoyed painting dog figurines. In 3rd grade I had a fun birthday party here and I remember how much fun we had painting all kinds of pieces.
— Isabel Berman, Student and doodlebug employee
We love it here - it’s a fun and funky little art place. You can paint pottery with your child in their back room, as well as sign up for pottery classes they offer. They sell great quality toys as well, so if you are looking for toys outside of a big name store, this is a surprising find right.
— Esther84 on
When I was 6, I made my father a plate at doodlebug that said “Ella Dad love”. It probably meant to say “Ella loves Dad”. I spent hours with my Mom and brother there, carefully picking the colors and painting precious layers so it would have clear color, laughing and talking with my family along the way.

10 years later, my Dad still uses the plate I made him every morning for his burnt toast and tea.

When I turned 14 , he made me a plate for my birthday saying “Dad Ella love”. Through the time spent creating these plates and through their use, a tradition has been created in my family - one that withstands the test of time and produces a creative family bond.
— Ella Marrero, Student and doodlebug employee
My daughter loves a trip to doodlebug. Whether we have to buy a gift for a friend’s birthday or paint something for her grandmother at the holidays, doodlebug is her idea of heaven. She loves to explore the huge variety of merchandise but nothing beats an hour or so spent painting a masterpiece in the studio. The employees always compliment her work and she beams with pride. The mug she made for her father is the first thing she looks for when we visit his office. I am amazed that we are lucky enough to have such an amazing store with so much to offer in a small town like San Anselmo.
— mom1980 on Citysearch
Miranda’s classes have been so
inspiring for my children and me. We look forward to our creative and often messy class. We don’t have to handle prep or clean up and still get to leave with our priceless treasures!
— Mandee, Parent of "My First Art Class" student