doodlebug will be closing on August 19th, after 18 years in San Anselmo and countless birthday parties, classes, camps and art projects created in the studio. Not to mention providing birthday presents and art supplies at the doodlebug store on San Anselmo Avenue for 15 years.


We want to thank the San Anselmo Recreation Department which welcomed doodlebug to their building and their activities line-up several years ago and where we've worked in partnership to provide art programs to the community.  In particular, we have to salute Mattie O'Grady for being an outstanding partner and friend and for putting up with the chaos that is doodlebug.  The Recreation Department is working to ensure that new classes and camps are available soon, keeping the doodlebug spirit alive.  Be sure to watch the seasonal bulletins for news!

We also must thank all of the people who have become part of the doodlebug family over the years. We have survived fire and flood and you came back to us.  We have taught the children of people who themselves came to doodlebug as children.  We have watched children born, children grow and so many people of all ages find their creative
happy place.  We feel honored to have been part of such a wonderful, spirited, kind community. 

 You can still pick up any remaining artwork in the studio through September 22 .  
 The following is the schedule for pick-ups at the studio (1000 SFD Boulevard).  Please be sure to come by before September 22 . 

Saturday August 18  10 - 5
Sunday August 19  11 - 4
From August 20 - September 22
Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 3

camp week of July 16 - ready Tuesday, August 14
camp week of July 30 - ready Tuesday August 28
camp week of August 6 - ready Tuesday September 4
camp week of August 13 - ready Tuesday September 11

Thank  you so very, very much.  I'm going to miss you all more than I could ever express in words.