You can stop by during the following hours - there is a $5 charge per person per visit and the rest of the cost is based on the project(s) you opt to create.  


Paint Pottery

First, choose an item to paint. Next, paint it! doodlebug will glaze and fire your item. Finally, pick up your item from the studio approximately one week later(we'll let you know exactly at the time you visit). We can only hold your items for 30                                                                         days. so don't forget!!

Each item is individually priced and includes studio time, materials, glaze, firing and finishing. The only additional cost is the $5 studio charge.

Wood, Canvas and Other Projects

doodlebug has wood items like birdhouses, boxes, wall plaques as well as canvas and other materials.  All items are individually priced and are also available as take-home projects

Decoupage Papers and Mosaic Tesserae  Sewing, Paper-Making, Collage and More

We have paper for decoupage and tesserae (tile, glass, and other items to glue on) for mosaics.  We have everything you'll need to sew and stuff a little critter or doll, make paper or assemble a collage.   There's more and we'll be evolving our offerings and materials regularly. We're always happy to help you find just the right project and we are dedicated to help you feel great about anything you choose to do.

Firing Outside Pieces

Beginning in January, 2017, doodlebug will fire some outside pieces based on our discretion and kiln availability. We will rely on your judgment to ensure that any items fired in our kilns have been properly prepared, to avoid any explosive results!
Firing fees for individual pieces vary by type/cone of piece(s). The basic price for 1 - 600 cubic inches in low fire kiln (07-03) is $16.50.*  
There are additional charges (as necessary) for stilting, preheating and other special requests.  To avoid breakage or "explosions" during the firing process you need to:
  • Wedge your clay well before starting your project
  • Avoid air pockets when sculpting/assembling
  • Be sure pieces are completely dry throughout
*An example of a piece requiring 600 cubic inches is a box measuring 10" x 10" x 6"
Kiln Fees
$85 for Use of the Entire Small Kiln
Please note: Most firings are low fire (07-03). High firings may require renting an entire kiln and a 15% markup will apply. Additional charges also apply for glazing and/or loading. We must see and assess items before committing to any outside firing.