”In the class, various projects introduce and reinforce particular aspects of “playing” with clay. Scoring and slipping, adding texture, pulling shapes from clay, cut-outs and mixed media will be part of the process learning. We’ll also learn to bring our 2-dimensional ideas into 3-D form and our sense of scale and proportion will be refined as we look at faces and spaces. This is a bit messy but lots of fun. The projects will be fired and then glazed and re-fired. You’ll be amazed at how cool your artwork will be.

After-School Enrichment Program Fall Sessions 2016

Week of September 12th through the Week of November 14th (10 week session)
(No classes October 17th or November 11th)

Register through San Anselmo Recreation



Clay Sculpture & Hand-building         Mon                 3:15-4:15         1-5                  $189 

Hidden Valley

Clay Sculpture & Hand-building         Thurs               2:55-3:55         K-5                  $199 


Clay Sculpture & Hand-building         Tues                3:10-4:10         K-5                  $199 

Wade Thomas

Clay Sculpture & Hand-building         Wed                 1:50-2:50 K-5                  $199  



ROSS SCHOOL  12 - 1  Wednesday  Kindergarten   Art Adventures  $220

Art Adventures means exploring ways to express yourself using a wide selection of materials and techniques. We love to create with fabric, glue, rhinestones, paint, pastels, yarn and beads! We like to make books and we like to paint on stretched canvasses, or maybe shoes! If you have something you'd like to try, just let us know and we would love to do it! Classes will be different every session.   REGISTER THROUGH ROSS RECREATION



Classes at doodlebug Studio - 1000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard



10:15 - 11 AM  Toddler Clay Play    Ages 2 - 4    $129 ($10 materials)         9/12 - 10/27 OR 10/31 - 12/19 (no class 11/21) 

Soft pottery clay can provide a sensory party for toddlers! They like to poke at it, squeeze it, make marks in it, pick it up, throw it down and, in general, try to figure out what it can and cannot do. Toddlers find clay a little bit magical in the way it responds to their actions and so they are fascinated, motivated, and empowered to keep experimenting. Painting the clay provides another kind of experience and way to manipulate the clay. When toddlers are presented with their handiwork after it has been fired, well, let's just say it's empowering and creates a lot of smiles.


3:45 - 5:15  Sewing (Machine and Hand)  Ages 6 - 11   $149   9/13 - 10/25 OR 11/1 - 12/20 (no class 11/22)

Studies have shown that children between the ages of 6 and 12 are naturally interested in and benefit greatly from learning to sew. Turning 2-dimensional pieces of fabric into 3-dimensional objects can initially be daunting but learning sewing techniques in a considered way can provide the tools and inspiration to make the journey worthwhile and enjoyable. We?ll learn about basic stitching techniques (both by hand and with the machine), the nature of various fabrics and other materials and we?ll look a bit at fashion trends old and new to explore our own sensibilities and to demonstrate the scope of possibilities for stretching ones' imagination.

6 - 8 PM Drop-In Sewing & Knitting with Barsha Elzey Teens & Adults  $30/drop-in  9/20 - 11/15 (no class 11/22)

Barsha Elzey will teach you to sew (by hand or with a sewing machine - yours or ours) or knit. This class is personalized to fit each participant's needs. Many participants start as absolute beginners, while others are more experienced sewers or knitters. Everyone benefits from the sharing of ideas, solutions and new techniques. Barsha is a very experienced and popular teacher and has a unique ability to make things easier to understand. Most participants in these classes develop a long-time passion for the needle arts and continue to learn and create even if they don't continue to attend classes.  This is a drop-in only class, which means classes may be held or cancelled each week depending on attendance. If you are interested in attending a class, please email Barsha at


10:30 - 11:15  Toddler Paint Play     Ages 2 - 4  $129  9/15 - 10/27 OR 11/3 - 12/22 (no class 11/24) 

Painting is a way for children to convey ideas, express emotion, use their senses, explore color, learn "how things work", and create artwork that pleases their aesthetic and, in some cases, ours! Children form many connections and in terms of the process of painting as well as about what they enjoy about expressing their creativity. They can become thoroughly engaged and can build confidence in fairly rapid order. We try to make this class a true exploration, using a variety of paints, surfaces and methods of application. You'll probably enjoy this as much as your child.

3:30 - 5:00 Clay (Pottery Wheel and By Hand)      Ages 7 - 11    $149   9/15 - 10/27 OR 11/3-12/22 (no class 11/24)

Working with and learning about clay provides a myriad of benefits to the primary school student. In this class, we find ways to leverage them all.. Sensory development and motor skills are just the beginning of the journey as students learn to prepare their clay and manipulate it to achieve the results they seek. As they make choices on the with their materials they build self-esteem and confidence in their ability to express their individuality. Another under-rated benefit is that clay can be a calming medium and working with it can be a thoroughly engaging experience. We'll create a variety of projects using a variety of techniques and students will have the opportunity to glaze their pieces and have them fired.


10:15 - 11 am Mommy & Me - My First Art Class  Ages 1.5 - 3  $129   9/16 - 10/28 OR 11/4-12/23  (no class 11/11 or 11/25)

My First Art Class is almost as much fun as your first taste of ice cream. It is designed as a parent-child collaborative class that is usually a favorite and is enriching for all participants involved. In the class, you and your child will explore different textures, scents, and colors together through a wide range of exciting (and safe!) mediums. We will learn about clay, paper-ripping, glue, different kinds of paint, pompoms, buttons and beads, fabric and yarn, and so much more. Parents will be encouraged to explore and observe how their child interacts with the materials and how their child responds to the materials.