Announcing doodleRewards

Beginning October 14, come into doodlebug any time and sign up for our new customer reward program.

Just type your number on our member tablet to set up your account and you’ll begin earning points for every dollar you spend at doodlebug (for any activity or purchase with the exception of gift cards).  You’ll be able to redeem these points for various rewards at increments of $35. You can redeem quickly at a lower level, or save your points until you earn something even more appealing to you.  All of our rewards will apply to the very next visit after they are earned!

We’ll also provide special promotions to members and alert you to new classes, workshops or other events at the store.  Best of all, you’ll be invited to our 15th Anniversary Celebration in January!

Finally, if you choose to share it, we’ll celebrate your birthday with a little gift, just for you.

All of this will be done in the strictest confidence and we’ll never share your information. 

Our goal is to have at least 500 sign-ups by Thanksgiving so we can kick things off with an extra special holiday reward – so come in soon and let your friends know to sign up as well.

Along with our new or updated doodlebugmarin Website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages, and by offering you “membership” we’ll be able to offer more information and more rewards for being such great and loyal customers.




Introducing our website and blog!

Welcome to the doodleblog! We have been in the process of rebuilding the doodlebug website for a while and had a chance to look at photos and other memorabilia of the last 14 plus years. 

We discovered that there are so many ways we feel part of this wonderful community and we are grateful for every person we’ve met, everything we’ve learned and every celebration you’ve allowed us to become a part of.  As we build our new website we want to incorporate some great memories as well as provide new ways for you to enjoy bits of doodlebug in your daily life.

This blog is just the first attempt.  Here we’ll be providing a weekly message which we hope you’ll find interesting and, perhaps, even useful.  We’ll include information on new products and materials, ideas for projects, a little commentary on old and new ideas about education and creativity, and the occasional tidbit about a place to go, an app to use or maybe a person we find fascinating.

We’ll also be using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other vehicles to provide news about classes and workshops, photos of neat projects, pictures of and by painters and announcements of sales and other special events at doodlebug.

We dearly hope that you will become part of this effort.  We invite your comments, questions, ideas and definitely want to give you a place to show off your creativity.  We are working on building a “frequent painter” program and hope to have news on that by the end of the year.

To kick off the Fall season and begin making room for Holiday materials and merchandise, we are planning a Melissa & Doug extravaganza for the month of October.  We’ll give you 20% off the regular price of every Melissa & Doug item in the store- from October 1 through Halloween.  We’ll be refreshing our Melissa & Doug items throughout the month, so don’t just stop by once.

We have some new faces at doodlebug and they are enjoying the chance to meet all of you.  As of now, the majority of the people working at doodlebug grew up visiting the store, painting in the studio and celebrating birthdays in our party room.  Five of them recently left for their first year of college but we hope they’ll be back for the holidays, for at least a few “shifts”. In increasing numbers past employees have brought in their own children and shared news of their careers as designer, baker, fire-fighter, nurse practitioner, veterinarian and lots more.  We couldn’t be prouder. Every year brings new reasons to be happy to be here. We really do love being part of this community and we appreciate everything you do to support us.  Thank you.